Below are some stories of people who have fostered through Hamilton County Job and Family Services (HCJFS):

Christmas fam. 2013Foster-to-Family

A dedicated foster family, the Frith’s have added two of their previous foster children to their home permanently. However, that hasn’t slowed them down. The Frith’s take in new children as often as they can to provide a caring and loving home, even temporarily.The perk, they say, is watching the kids grow from “scared, hurt little ones” into confident children.

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Stepping Upkaren-white

When tragedy swept the news about the death of a child in foster care, Karen White felt an obligation to step up and become a foster parent. She and her two sons have provided temporary care to more than a dozen kids. When it’s time for the boys – she specializes in fostering school-age males – to move on into a permanent adoptive home, White always is supportive and helpful during the transition. “I remember what they were like when they initially got here,” White says. “And I like to see the results when they’re ready to leave.”

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