Foster children waiting for adoption are just like any other kids.

Through no fault of their own, they cannot return to their birth families. All of the children have experienced some level of abuse or neglect. For our children who are available for adoption, reunification with their families is no longer an option. They need an adoptive family – or what we call a “forever family” – to make an unconditional commitment to them.

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In Hamilton County, there are two ways to adopt a child. Prospective adoptive parents can inquire about children directly. Or they can consider becoming a foster parent with the intent of adopting if their foster child becomes available for adoption. Families should research both options to determine the right course for them.

HCJFS cannot guarantee that a foster child will become available for adoption. Foster parents must understand that the goal of foster care is to reunify the child with their family if possible.

If reunification is not possible, and the child becomes available for adoption, foster parents – if they’re interested in adopting – are considered first. As a result, this may be the best route for a family who would like to adopt a young child, since young children typically are adopted by extended family or foster parents.

Most of the children waiting for adoption are either 10 years old and above DSC_3958or they’re parts of siblings groups that need to be adopted together. Sometimes there are siblings who are not adopted together yet still need to maintain some type of contact. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Because of the trauma these children have experience, they might have special physical and emotional challenges. Some struggle to learn in school and others have trouble relating to their peers. But all of our foster children need what all kids need: to feel safe, loved and accepted into a family that will make a commitment to their future.

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