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Want to spread some holiday cheer to kids in foster care? Check out our Kindness for Kids Amazon List

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Watch our Adoption Day ceremonies live

This Friday, Nov. 5, we'll be helping unite 10 children in foster care with their permanent families. Of everything that we do all year, this is one of our favorite…

Local mom in recovery wins state Family of the Year honor

We are so proud to say that one of our local moms was given a Family of the Year honor Wednesday by the Public Children's Services Association of Ohio. Lindsey…

Meet Brandon

Brandon definitely knows sports – he’s a power forward on his basketball team, the quarterback in football and he pitches for his baseball team. But he also gets good grades in school and loves math, especially decimals and percentages.

He says others describe him as funny, creative and very nice. He likes to listen to rap and pop, especially Blueface, Katy Perry and YMW Melly. He likes to watch Ben 10Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teen Titans Go! on TV.

Brandon likes to play video games and go to the YMCA. He helps around the house by washing dishes, sweeping and mopping and taking out the trash. He once won a lip sync battle.


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A new look at family.

Most of the kids in agency care who are available and waiting for adoption in Hamilton County are older than 10. Younger kids usually are adopted by their extended family or their foster parents. The younger kids who are available for adoption are typically parts of sibling groups.

Providing safety for children with a rough past.

The children in agency care have experienced some level of abuse or neglect, or they come from families who are not able to care for them because of unfortunate circumstances. Being in foster care has allowed HCJFS to provide for their safety and well-being.

Enjoying childhood among adversity.

But in spite of all they’ve been through, the children in agency care are much like any others. They like to hang out with their friends, they have favorite toys and TV shows.

Giving hope to a brighter future.

They also have hopes and dreams – especially for permanent, loving families that will provide them with the safety, stability and unconditional commitment that they deserve.