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We Need Foster Families to Keep Kids Close to Home

From the Cincinnati Enquirer Every couple of weeks or so, Hamilton County child welfare workers pull out a cot between the desks and file cabinets of their downtown Cincinnati office…

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Meet Our July Birthday Kids

Cody, Jayla, KyMahn and Trayvonta are celebrating birthdays in July. 

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Meet Marquis

Marquis is a hands-on boy who enjoys creating and building things by himself or with others. He enjoys playing with Legos, building model cars and completing other hands-on activities.

He enjoys spending time outside, riding his bike and climbing trees. He wants to play sports, as he likes to be competitive.

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About the kids

Most of our kids who are available and waiting for adoption in Hamilton County are older than 10. Younger kids usually are adopted by their extended family or their foster parents. The younger kids who are available for adoption are typically parts of sibling groups.

The children in our care have experienced some level of abuse or neglect, or they come from families who are not able to care for them because of unfortunate circumstances. Being in foster care has allowed HCJFS to provide for their safety and well-being.

But in spite of all they’ve been through, the children in our care are much like any others. They like to hang out with their friends, they have favorite toys and TV shows.

They also have hopes and dreams – especially for permanent, loving families that will provide them with the safety, stability and unconditional commitment that they deserve.

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