Adoption is a big commitment and we know that every family has to carefully decide when the time is right for them.

But while you’re thinking about it, here are some things you can do:

Foster Parent

Foster parenting is a great way to become a parent on a short-term basis. To learn more, visit the Foster Parenting section of our website.

Respite Care

Foster parents sometimes need a short break. During this time respite care providers are asked to step in and provide care for the children. Respite usually lasts from a few days to a week. If you are unsure about making a full-time commitment to foster care, becoming a respite provider can help you figure out if it is right for you.


Mentoring a child in foster care is another great way to make a difference for a child in need of permanency. You teach them, inspire them, and help them on their journey to having a better life.

The Higher Education Mentoring Initiative works with high school children who plan to attend college. Mentors are matched with an individual student and asked to spend a couple hours a week helping them pursue higher education. Learn more at

You can learn more about mentoring kids in foster care through AdoptUSKids as well.


Children in foster care don’t have much of anything to call their own. In 2015, we started the Family Fund to cover expenses that go beyond what the agency is allowed to fund or for which it has very limited funds.

You can also donate items directly. Whether you donate toys, supplies, or even start a local fundraiser to collect both, you are doing a great service to these kids. By donating, you are showing them that there are people who care.