Upload a Photo. Uplift a Life.

Photos capture moments. Those moments are woven together to create a blanket of memories that provide a measure of identity and security; something to wrap ourselves in when times get tough and our world gets shaken.

For children who have required your heroic service as a foster parent, a record of those moments is often missing. As a foster parent, you know the chaos and confusion that often defines their lives. Please help us provide our children with a sense of their own history so they can feel more equipped to tell a more hopeful story.

Please enter your name and you will receive a list of the children in your care. Choose a child and you will be able to quickly and securely upload a photo of that child. Please provide a detailed description of what is happening in the photo.

Multiple photos can be uploaded, but please be sure to provide as much detail as possible about each photo. If you would like to attach the same photo to multiple children, please update those separately by clicking each child’s name.

Thank you for helping us provide each of the children in your care a sense of their history and time with you. Memories are made to last forever, and you’ve helped ensure that happens.