Wow, our friends really know how to spread the news

Never have we had something get as much attention as our post Friday of four cute little kids – James, Logan, Jaydenn and Gracelynn.

It’s not every day that we recruit for four siblings together. Four makes it tough. A lot of otherwise willing families don’t have enough room in their homes. Or they aren’t ready for four kids at once.

But when we put this photo on and shared it on social media, you all responded. 

The post was shared 130 times. Facebook says it reached more than 28,000 people. That’s a lot.

Page views of their profile jumped from 44 the day before the post, to more than 1,700 Friday and almost the same Saturday. We got 13 official queries through the website from people wanting to submit their home studies. Submitting your home study is the first step in the process.

Now, will one of those people reached become these kids’ forever family? We don’t know yet. So many things go into deciding what family is the best match.

But we so appreciate this kind of outpouring. Fingers crossed that our adoption staff finds them the home they deserve.