Watch our Back-to-School Adoption Day on Friday!

Friday is one of our favorite days at JFS – we help unite kids with their forever families as part of a special adoption day.

You can tune in via Facebook Live and watch as Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler presides over the adoptions of 10 children, ages 5 to 15. The kids will join six families. Four of the families are each adopting two biological siblings so the kids will be able to stay together and grow up together.

Judge Winkler started the Back-to-School Adoption Days so kids would be able to start the new school year with their new names and not have to go through any confusion by changing names after the school year starts.

“We will provide each child with their new name, thus establishing a new start with their “Forever Family” at the beginning of the new school year,” the judge said. “The timing helps remove any undue pressure that may occur during a mid-school year adoption.”

Adoption ceremonies are always very special. If you need a feel-good start to your day, watch on Facebook starting at 9 a.m.