Please do #OneSmallThing to help prevent child abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month nationally. It’s a time for communities to join us and identify ways to prevent child abuse and neglect.

It’s not a small task. We served more than 24,000 children and families last year and answered more than 51,000 hotline calls. More than 6,000 cases were opened for assessment and investigation. In many of our cases, children need protection because their families are vulnerable for a host of reasons, including poverty and addiction.

We need the entire community’s help to push these numbers down. We’re asking everyone to do #OneSmallThing to help support a family:

Offer to babysit a friend’s kids. Volunteer with Queen’s Village. Donate to a food pantry.

Do anything that might relieve some stress on a struggling family. We’ll fill up our Facebook page with a new idea every day for #OneSmallThing you might be able to do. We’re looking forward to hearing back about your choices.

Please join us and do #OneSmallThing. It will make a big difference.