Meet Marcus

Born March 2009

marcussmallThis tough guy is all about playing football the best that he can. He likes to play defense because he finds tackling the other team exciting. When he isn’t playing football, he watches it on TV and cheers on his favorite teams. Football is almost 24/7 for Marcus, so much that he wants be a football player when he grows up!Marcus

When he’s not playing or watching football, Marcus can be found toying with his Leapster or watching cartoons. Right now, he loves Super Why! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He will listen to hip/hop music and some songs from various Disney movies. Marcus’ favorite place to visit when it’s nice outside is the Cincinnati Nature Center—he loves to camp, hike, and go boating.

Marcus is a thoughtful, energetic boy. He will need a family that can encourage this behavior while also teaching him to express his other emotions properly. An active family, with maybe a few dogs Marcus can play with, will be the perfect fit!

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