Meet Kathy, Cody and Arthur

Born February 2002, August 2003, February 2007

These three siblings want a home where they can stay together. They’re hoping to find a family that will help them fulfill their big dreams – Kathy wants to be a chef, Cody would like to design video games and Arthur wants to be a firefighter.

Kathy likes school, particularly history class. She likes country and pop music and describes herself as fun, talkative, funny and huggable. Her favorite color is black, and she likes mint chocolate chip ice cream.

She would like a big family with pets. She does laugh at funny cat videos. She takes voice lessons and cooking lessons and needs a family that will let her be a kid. She is extremely responsible, self-motivated and has high expectations for herself.

Her brother, Cody, likes school as well. He doesn’t like to play sports, listens to clean rap music and likes to build with Legos. He describes himself as nice and says he likes pizza, rolls and lasagna.

Cody reads fiction, likes going to the movies and plays video games. His requests for his new family are that they be fun, nice and have animals. He is very quiet and soft spoken.

Arthur is the baby of the family. He also likes school, where his favorite class is gym. He is described by his caregivers as a really pleasant child who is loved by all the adults who interact with him.

He likes to watch basketball on TV, listens to all kinds of music except rap and likes shows on PBS Kids and Cartoon Network. He doesn’t have a favorite toy, but does like to eat spaghetti. He also likes to go to parks, the zoo, ball games and movies.