Meet Christopher

Born December 2003

ChristopherM2Aug2016smallDo you like those yummy Little Debbie snack cakes? Then you need to meet Christopher. Little Debbies are his favorite food.

This boy likes school and earns As, Bs and Cs. His favorite class is gym because he likes to play basketball. He loves to watch Big Ten college football on TV and would love to go to lots of Bengals games.

Christopher says he wants to be a pastor when he grows up. He likes gospel music, especially Marvin Sapp. He likes going to church. And he loves to sing and dance.

He describes himself as funny and nice, respectful and sweet. He doesn’t mind helping out with chores. In his foster home, he takes out the garbage, mops and sweeps.

He’s hoping for a new family that will keep him busy and active.