Meet Brayden, Chevy, Kaleb, Vida and Zoey

Born July 2008, April 2010, September 2013, December 2014

Brayden is the oldest of this sibling set of five. He likes school, likes all kinds of music, has a good sense of humor and thinks he’ll be a diesel worker after he finishes school. His caregiver describes him as respectful, active, intelligent and strong.

Chevy likes school also, especially math class. He likes to play basketball, listen to country music and play Call of Duty. He helps with chores around the house. His favorite food? Ramen noodles. He is very allergic to cats.

Kaleb would love to be a basketball player when he grows up. He also likes Call of Duty. He likes country music and his favorite artist is Zach Bryan.

Vida likes to read and thinks she might become a teacher of young kids one day. She likes gym class but doesn’t want to play sports. She loves corn dogs.

Zoey likes to watch the Bengals on TV and play Fortnite on her Switch Lite. She likes the color pink and her favorite foods are pizza, steak and bacon. She and Vida are twins.

We are looking for a home where these kids can stay together.