Meet Brad

Born May 2001

No one likes to keep as busy as Brad. He is always on-the-go!

Brad will try any sport, but his favorite is football where he’s a wide receiver. He also dabbles in basketball, tennis and BMX biking. He prefers to be outside and will spend the whole day joking around with his friends in the park. Brad likes school and gets pretty good grades.

Brad describes himself as friendly and spontaneous—he’s always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Music is a big part of his life as well. He listens to a lot of R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel music. His favorite artist at the moment is Chief Keef.

When Brad gets older he would like to be a mechanic, if he’s not a megastar football player.

This intelligent and creative young man wants a big family with kids his own age, and maybe a few pets too. Brad needs a family who can teach him to cope with separation and loss as well as guide him towards any of his future goals.