From our director: Thanks for adopting from foster care

National Adoption Month has just begun, bringing one of my favorite events of the year – our special Adoption Day celebration.

Next Thursday, we get to witness the uniting of nine kids with six families. There will be wonderful stories of resilience and a lot of happy tears.

We know kids grow best in families when they feel safe, loved and like they belong. If a child can’t safely return to their biological parents, our goal is to find them permanent homes. Adoption Day is the culmination of a lot of work for these families, our caseworkers and others who helped bring these families and children together.

If you have a few minutes Thursday, please tune in to the livestream on our Facebook page. You’ll meet Jonah, Simon, Julius, Theodore, Georgia and more. It’ll be a great early start to your weekend.

We thank these families for opening their hearts to adoption from foster care.