#FosterLove at Scene 75, Cleats for Kids

We told you that February is time to #FosterLove, to show kids in foster care that they are loved. We need more foster parents, but there are many other ways to show the love. The folks at Scene 75 get it.

Here are Randy and Michelle Sandler, with our kids Sean and Devon and adoption/foster care specialist Travina Adams. We took the boys to the entertainment center to celebrate their birthdays. We planned to buy dinner and let them play the games awhile.

But the Sandlers paid for everything.

And the Sandlers’ daughter, Bari Lansberg, gave the boys free shoes from her Ohio Cleats For Kids program.

Thank you to the Sandlers, the rest of the Scene 75 management team and Bari for showing that #FosterLove yesterday. These boys felt it and were thrilled to have such care taken of them for their birthdays.