Collecting gifts for our 2023 high school grads

We are coming up on our biggest event of the year – Celebration of Dreams. It’s when we honor the kids in our care who graduate from high school.

We have about 50 this year who will make it to this milestone. High school is difficult enough. Imagine doing it while having to cope with moving homes, changing schools and other obstacles teenagers in foster care can face.

As we usually do this time of year, we are hearing again from quite a few supporters who ask how they can help these kids as they finish one chapter and start another. Several have offered luggage. Another offered a homemade blanket for each teen.

We activated our Kindness for Kids wish list the graduation edition – on Amazon. We use this list at the holidays mostly, but this time we have it filled with things all kids need when they move to a new apartment or dorm or start a new job. There’s everything on it from towels to hygiene products and gift cards.

Thank you again for your support of these kids who have worked so hard and overcome so much.