One week, nine adoptions

We’re having such a great week – seven children have been adopted so far and two more are scheduled for finalization hearings Friday.

Five kids joined their forever families on Wednesday, prompting Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler to say he was having a fantastic day. He loves adoption days.

One couple, Kim and Keith Davis, had parented children from previous marriages, but wanted to parent younger children together. They adopted Zach and Abigail.

One family adopted a 2-year-old girl they had fostered since picking her up from the hospital just after she was forn.

Andrew and Christina Peterson adopted 2-year-old Quinton. The push to adopt came from their biological son. How neat is that?

Robin and Vincent Stith never intended to adopt, but just fell in love with Jada.

All kinds of reasons and scenarios. All giving children in foster care permanent homes in loving families.

Thank you to these families, to Judge Winkler and to all the caseworkers and other care team members who helped get these children ready for their big days.

Check out what Zach, unbeknownst to his parents, wrote to read at his adoption hearing:

“I want to be adopted because mom and dad have blessed are lives with love and compassion and opened their hearts and home. I love my mom and dad.”