One of our own needs some help

If you’ve fostered or adopted through HCJFS, you might know Monique Kemper. She’s one of our section chiefs in Children’s Services, and she needs a kidney. 

She was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2018 – just five days before her wedding. She was at the office when her doctor called, sending her to the hospital. She had lab work done and her doctor was concerned about some of the results. She began dialysis right away and still made it to her wedding and honeymoon.

Monique continues to undergo dialysis three times a week for 3 hours and 45 minutes at a time. But the process is painful.

She’s looking forward to getting a new kidney so she can feel better and do some traveling with her husband and family.

Please help by sharing this link to the National Kidney Registry and by sharing our posts on social media.