Meet Zack

Born January 2006

Zack is 13 years-old, in 6th grade and is good at reading and math. He does well in school and gets B’s and C’s in his classes. Zack said he would like to join a basketball and track team at school.  He describes himself as creative, athletic, adventurous, and curious.  Some of the things Zack likes is playing basketball, cats, making slime, taking nature walks, eating seafood, skateboarding, drawing and listening to music. In his spare time he also likes to make his own music. When he gets older Zack wants to become a role-model hip-hop artist, even bigger than Drake. He also enjoys family social time; like having visits and conversations with family. 

When asked about what kind of family he would want, Zack said, “I would like to find a family who I can joke around with, but who will also correct me when I do wrong.  I’m a Christian and would like to find a family who is too.  I would like a family that has a mother and father.  I’m open to being the only kid or to be in a family with other kids.  I would like parents who will support me in my music writing. I also need a family who can help me battle my depression and I would need a family who will let me continue to have contact with my older brother.”