Meet Virginia Grace

Born February 2002

Her name is Virginia Grace, but she prefers to be called Grace. She’s 16 and enjoys horseback riding, basketball and helping others. Grace is a huge animal lover and likes being a leader.

She regularly visits a nursing home to interact with the elderly, and would like to continue doing this with her forever family. Grace likes being independent and would love help finding a job to learn how to manage money.

Like many 16 year-olds Grace says that school is not one of her strengths, but she works hard to get good grades and is committed to graduating.

Grace likes to be active, only having the occasional “couch potato” day. Some of her favorite foods are pickles and tuna noodle casserole. She is great with chores and enjoys mowing the grass where she lives now.

Grace says she is no longer the quiet girl she used to be and describes herself as a leader and bold.

She’s hoping for a family that will be committed to her and “doesn’t treat me like an outsider.”VirginiaGrace1