Meet Tremain

Born November 2005

Tremain turns 10 in November and describes himself as respectful, intelligent, courteous and Tremainpleasant. He says people have been commenting lately about how tall he has grown.

Tremain doesn’t really like school, but he is academically on target. He does like gym class. In his free time, he likes a lot of physical activity too – rock climbing, bowling, kickball. he likes to watch soccer on TV.

He’s active in church, where he is an usher.

He likes to listen to music, including to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. He likes to watch the Disney Channel and Nick at Night. His favorite show these days is the Descendants, a movie about the children of famous Disney characters.

He plays video games, Halo being his favorite. He loves hamburgers.

And he is very proud of himself for something that happened at school recently – he saw a student being a bully and he reported it to a teacher.