Meet Tim and Adam

Born August 2013, November 2011

Tim is a very affectionate child who loves to learn and read. He enjoys school and likes to play. Tim likes playing video games, like Plants vs. Zombies, Mario and Sonic. His favorite color is pink and he likes to eat any kind of Lunchables.

Tim has fun playing at home and at the park, and he loves to run around. If he could be anything when he grows up, he would be a superhero.

Adam is an active child who loves soccer and likes to be outside as much as possible. He likes rock and Christian music. His favorite movie is Back to the Future. Adam loves to play Fortnite and says he has won the game five times! Adam likes red and black. He describes himself as nice and funny.

He likes to eat fruits and pepperoni pizza. A science lover, he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up. His favorite dinosaurs are the T-Rex and brachiosaurus. Adam’s favorite animals are jaguars, sharks and huskies. He loves the beach and swimming. He also loves to be goofy and make jokes with people.

Adam and Tim need a loving, active family with a mom and dad. They would love to be in a family with siblings, and they love all kinds of animals.