Meet Tahira

Born March 2004

Tahira does well in school and loves science class because it is “cool.” Like many girls her age, Tahira likes to dance and practice gymnastics. She said her favorite thing in the world to do is dance!

Tahira likes to listen to pop, R&B and hip hop music. Some of her favorite artists include Ariana Grande and Alessia Cara. She describes herself as smart, pretty, tall, intelligent and dedicated. She is proud of the growth she has seen in herself and works every day to be respectful. Tahira likes to be helpful in any way that she can and will help with chores around the house. She said her ideal family would be small, with at least one dog and “likes to eat!”

This strong young girl has big dreams for the future and wants to become a reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon. You could be the forever family she needs to support and guide her in the right direction.