Meet Sydney

Born September 2000

IMG_3065This teen’s dream is to become famous. Sydney wants to be a singer, actress and a dancer when she grows up. Her favorite genres of music are pop and R&B; and her favorite artists are Beyonce and Trey Songz. Sydney has a great sense of humor and her funny wit makes people smile. This smart and bold girl enjoys watching movies like Friday and Madea’s House of Pain.

This intelligent young lady is very proud of her good grades in school. Her favorite subject is math because she likes to do addition and multiplication. During vacations from school, Sydney likes to cook her favorite meal, chicken. She enjoys playing Call of Duty and spending time with family. She also enjoys riding the rides at Kings Island and roller skating at Fun Factory.

Sydney is willing to help out around the house. This responsible girl will clean her room, take out the trash, and do the dishes.

Sydney says she would love a family with pets, especially dogs and kittens. She would also like to be adopted by a family with younger children so she can be a big sister.