Meet Shariya, Key’lila and Stephon

Born August 2011, September 2013, December 2014

Shariya and Key’lila (“Kiki”) love to ride their bikes and play pretend Disney princesses in the living room. They involve their little brother, Stephon, in play, too.

They enjoy swimming, reading, coloring and being “helpers.” They love school and can’t wait to go back in the fall.

They love when adults tell jokes and kid with them and will laugh loudly. They are very bonded to one another and separation is not an option.

Shariya and Key’lila are pretty anxious and shy at first, but will attach and warm up. They are aware that they will be moving in with a new family. Their current foster parents are the only ones they’ve had, and they are willing to help the children transition to their forever home.