Meet Sean

Born January 2008

Sean likes school, especially math because he’s good at it.  He likes to play basketball and football and watch basketball on TV.

He likes pop music, Teen Titans Go, Cars 3 and Finding Dory. His favorite toys are cars, but he also likes to play Call of Duty, Monopoly and Minecraft.

Sean describes himself as nice, confident and trustworthy. He loves pizza and Doritos (who doesn’t?) and will play anywhere outside.  He likes to read, go to the zoo and bowling, play video games and go shopping.

He thinks he might like to be a construction worker when he grows up. And he’d like to go to Hawaii someday.

When he thinks about the kind of family he’s hoping for, he says he would like pets, a mom and dad and siblings. His caregivers describe him as respectful, energetic, responsible, intelligent and sweet.

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