Meet Omarih

Born February 2013

This little one is currently living in a nursing home – we’d like to find him a family.

Omarih suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with no feeling on his left side. But he has worked hard to learn to stand for short periods without help and to push himself in his wheelchair.

He loves school and his teachers. He is working on expanding his vocabulary, but can already identify many animals, foods, letters and numbers. 

His favorite foods are pizza and hummus. He eats finger foods independently and drinks through a straw by himself. He’s practicing with utensils.

He likes to watch cartoons and play with toys. He has favorite phrases that he says to each member of the staff at his nursing home. When one walks by, Omarih yells, “Awesome sauce!”

Omarih’s not medically fragile. His future is bright, but he will need a family that can get him to follow-up therapies consistently.