Meet Summer, JJ and Kaitlyn

Born February 2008, June 2009, April 2011

These three siblings are currently not in one home together. We would like to find a home where all three of them could thrive.

Summer is very bright and appears older than her age. She is in sixth grade and in an honors math class. She loves to read and really enjoys school. She is very poised. She takes ballet and jazz lessons and plays the viola. Summer tends to relate better with adults than peers, but she does have a couple of friends from the neighborhood and school.

Albert, who goes by JJ, is smart, polite and helpful. JJ gets good grades. He was encouraged to be in a honors math class, but he didn’t want to work that hard. He is very helpful around the house. He helps with the yard, trash, laundry and vacuuming. He is very close to his foster dad and enjoys spending time with him.

Kaitlyn takes ballet and tap lessons and plays soccer. She is the spunkiest of the group. She is outgoing, silly and sweet.