Meet LeAnne

Born August 2006

LeAnne loves to dance. She likes to listen to K-pop because she can’t help dancing to it. She also likes to read and draw and play brain-boosting board games.

She’s funny, has a bubbly personality and is very likable. Her caseworker describes her as talkative and a great conversationalist. 

She also has a beautiful singing voice. It’s possible she might do something in the entertainment world when she becomes an adult.

Her favorite food is chicken tenders and she loves going to Cane’s. Her favorite color is purple and it’s her favorite flavor in candy and soda too. 

LeAnne would like to travel to Europe or Asia because she wants to be able to experience different cultures, food and beautiful scenery.

She’d like a family that has a mom and a dad because she wants to learn what it’s like to have two parents.