Meet Krishton

Born January 2015

Krishton is a smart and insightful child who loves dinosaurs, animals and playing with Legos. He enjoys Marvel superheroes and his favorite is Thor! He wants to be a police officer, nurse and a doctor – all at the same time – when he grows up. His favorite food is pizza with sausage, pepperoni and cheese. Krishton wants potential families to know that he is helpful with chores, smart and runs very fast.

Krishton expresses that he wants a family who has pets (but not a snake or bugs) and hopes to have a room of his own. Krishton’s biggest wish is to be with any family “as long as they love me.” He would also like to be with a family that can commit to maintaining sibling relationships. His family is very important to him.

Krishton’s team would like for a potential family to be patient with Krishton as he adjusts to their home. Once he opens up, he is a loving and wonderful young man!