Meet Khaliyha

Born May 2007

Khaliyha is a lovely young lady. She has a beautiful smile, and is full of style. She is extremely artistic and really enjoys arts and crafts. She enjoys going to church, singing in the church choir, and praise dance.

Khaliyha is an active, energetic child. She enjoys reading, dancing and she loves unicorns.

Khaliyha likes school, is very smart and can be a good leader. She enjoys helping out in the kitchen and cooking with the family. She is interested in playing basketball.

She cares for others and likes to help around the house.

Khaliyha is in need of a forever family that will give her some patience and a lot of love. She would love to have a family that has a good balance. She enjoys being outside of the home doing things in the community but then she also likes to enjoy relaxing and hanging around in the house. She would like a family that has other children around her age and/or older so they can hang out and do things together.