Meet Keira

Born April 2002

Keira says she would like to be adopted by both a mom and a dad who like to take trips and play games. This energetic girl says she wants parents who enjoy vacationing in spots like Gatlinburg and who like taking daytrips to places like Kings Island. When she’s not on the go, Keira enjoys playing cards, Pictionary and Apples to Apples. She also is an animal lover, so a family with a cat or dog would be nice as well.Keira 2

Keira says she is pretty smart and proud of her ability to spell. She does well in school and plans to keep studying all the way through nursing school. Keira says she enjoys playing basketball and likes to relax by watching golf on TV or reading her Pretty Little Liars book. Even though she likes to joke around and be silly, Keira says she likes things to be clean and neat. When it’s time to get chores done, Keira doesn’t mess around.


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