Meet Katelyn and Kyle

Born December 2000, December 2000

Katelyn has all the traits of a typical teen. She likes to eat junk food, hang out with her friends at the mall, and works really hard to keep up with her grades.

Katelyn enjoys going to school and says her favorite subject is Social Studies because she likes to learn all the different types of history she finds interesting. She is doing pretty well and continues to study hard. Katelyn likes to read her favorite genre, Young-Adult fiction, as often as she can—she likes to read about teenagers just like her.

When she gets older, Katelyn has said she wants to become a detective.

Katelyn describes herself as “beautiful, intelligent and friendly.” She prefers to hang out inside the home with her friends and likes to keep busy. She does this by playing basketball or keeping up with her favorite television show, Chasing Life.

When asked what she is most proud of, Katelyn replied that she is “most proud of being with her family, having her niece in her life and earning good grades in school.”

Kyle is a laid back young man who does well in school and at home.

Like most teenagers, Kyle is often found sleeping in and playing video games during the long winter months.  When summer hits, you can find Kyle outdoors mowing lawns, hanging out with friends, building and fixing things, and generally enjoying the sunshine.

Kyle looks up to his uncle because he is dependable and teaches him all kinds of practical skills.
Katelyn and Kyle would make a perfect addition to an active family who can teach them to express themselves, and several siblings who will keep them lots of company along the way!