Meet Karimyaha

Born October 1999

karimyahaKarimyaha is a happy young lady with a contagious laugh and colorful personality. Although she can be quiet and shy when you first meet her, she is a very loyal friend who loves to talk on the phone and go to the mall or movies. Karimyaha also enjoys playing video games, listening to all types of music, and playing outside. She dreams of either becoming a famous singer or a cosmetologist when she grows up.

Karimyaha describes herself as a girl who would “rather play football than be in a beauty pageant.” She loves sports and her favorite is softball. Karimyaha enjoys going to school and her favorite class is science because she loves conducting experiments. On days off from school, Karimyaha likes to write, plays games, or curl up with a good book. Her favorite genre of books is adventure, suspense, or anything written by Shakespeare.karimyahedit

This courteous and eager young lady would love to find a forever family to care for and love her unconditionally.