Meet Jo’ziah and Neveah

Born March 2012, January 2014

Jo’ziah likes school and he makes decent grades. He likes science best because of the projects he does in class. He doesn’t particularly like to play sports. 

He likes to watch Blaze on TV and the movie, Cars. He likes to play board games and with Hot Wheels cars.

Jo’ziah is personable and engages well in conversation. He laughs when you tickle him. He is proud of the progress he has made this year.

He prefers to play outside and likes to play with trucks, ride his bike and jump on the trampoline. His favorite food? Pizza.

He would like a dog and other kids to interact with. he cleans up after himself, cleans his room and helps clean up after dinner.

What do you think Neveah’s favorite song is? Yep – Let It Go, from Frozen. She also likes Paw Patrol and playing with her Baby Alive and Barbie dolls. She likes to ride her bike and play with her brother outside.

Neveah likes preschool. She’s sweet, but also a little sassy sometimes. Her favorite color is pink and she loves dogs.