Meet Johnathan

Born May 2003

Johnathan is an intelligent and active kid. He loves watching all kinds of sports on TV, but likes to play football and basketball the most. Aside from sports, Johnathan also enjoys art and likes his Reading class at school. When he’s not playing sports or skateboarding, Johnathan is probably playing Minecraft, Nascar racing games or other video games on his phone. Although, Johnathan says he’s not always on his phone and also likes going outside, swimming and riding bikes. 

When asked to describe himself, Johnathan said he is “nice, friendly and I can move my ears.” Johnathan also says he gets good grades, is talkative and has a positive attitude. He is a neat guy and tends to clean when he’s stressed out. So Johnathan doesn’t mind when he asked to help out with house chores. 

In the future Johnathan sees himself being an author, engineer or owning a tow-truck business. He needs a family that can help support him as he looks towards the future. Johnathan said he would love a family where he could have a mom, dad, sister, brother and a dog.