Meet Jaylen

Born December 2008

Jaylen is an active boy who loves sports and arts. His favorite class in school is creative arts where he gets to draw and write stories. However, he also loves football and hopes to be a quarter back one day. Jaylen has played football on a rec team where he’s a running back because according to Jaylen, he “runs fast!”

When hanging out indoors Jaylen likes listening to music, watching SpongeBob SquarePants, playing with his Nintendo DS or playing UNO. Jaylen describes himself as goofy and says he tries to be good and always have good days. 

Jaylen is good at helping out around the house and will feed the dog, take out the trash and sweep the dining room. When asked about his favorite person Jaylen said “my counselor – because she listens to me and makes sure to remind me what I’m working on.” He then said that when he grows up he wants to be a caseworker so he can help other kids like him. 

Jaylen is a smart, sweet and bold little kid who needs a forever family.