Meet India

Born April 2009

India likes school, particularly science class. She earns As and Bs. She likes being a cheerleader and dancing.

Some of her favorite singers to listen to: Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. She also likes to play Monopoly, Operation and card games, but also says her favorite thing to play on is her iPhone.

India describes herself as loyal, caring, loving and a daredevil. She likes to try new things. She also says she’s sweet, peaceful and intelligent. She loves to organize things and vacuum.

She would like to be a scientist one day, but she also plans to become famous by writing songs for her favorite rappers. She’s proud of herself for her talent in song writing.

India prefers a family with a mom and a dad, sisters around her age and pets. She would prefer not to have a brother and would like her own room. She hopes for a family that likes to travel.