Meet Gabe

Born January 2003

151Most kids say they want to grow up to be a superhero, or a policeman or something like that. Gabe doesn’t have any such list. He says he’d just really like to be a dad.

He doesn’t like school too much, but he’s pretty good at it. He gets As, Bs and some Cs. He likes math and gym.

Gabe also likes cooking. His favorite meal is grilled cheese and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. He’ll wash all that down with Dr. Pepper or chocolate milk.

He also likes going to sporting events, especially football games. His favorite colors are orange and black – perfect for the Bengals fan that he is. He listens to Lil Wayne and likes to watch superhero television shows. His favorite animal is the cheetah because it’s fast.

Gabe’s willing to help with his chores. He uses the vacuum, picks up his clothes and sweeps and mops.


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