Meet Faith, Hope, Christopher, Asia, Rahkeem

Born September 2006, July 2008, December 2012, July 2015, November 2016

We need a special family to take in these five siblings and keep them together.

Faith likes school and earns all As. She likes to play sports and do gymnastics. Her favorite toys are her ice cream maker and Barbies that have hair you can style. She likes to read before bed and is considering becoming a gymnastics teacher when she grows up. She helps clean up around her foster family’s house. Faith would like to go to Africa someday to help people who live there.

Hope likes school and is working on improving her grades. She plays basketball and does gymnastics.  She likes to play games, including Battleship, Clue and Uno. She likes to play Doggie Day Care on the computer. She likes to go to the movies and might become a teacher when she grows up.

Christopher likes to read “beddy-bye stories” and play with pirate ships, cooking sets and the dollhouse. He loves to eat graham crackers and play outside. His favorite places are the pool and playground. He says he would like a new family with “a bunch of cats.”

Asia talks a lot, mimicking her siblings’ words. Her favorite food is cinnamon toast. She likes to play with her troll and comb its hair.

Rahkeem likes playing with the kitchen set also and loves to be held. He sleeps through the night, likes his Mickey Mouse toy and loves to play. His favorite food is pizza. He drinks soy milk and likes to eat oatmeal, potatoes, grapes and oranges. He loves to play outside, swing and ride in his wagon. He is very proud that he can count to 4.