Meet Cherae

Born November 2003

Cherae enjoys crafts and making things like bracelets and tie-dyed shirts. She likes to play with baby dolls and enjoys playing Uno. She likes dancing, cheerleading and gymnastics.

She also likes to read what she calls “kiddie books” – Dora the Explorer books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and books about puppies and horsesShe loves Disney movies, Santa Paws and Annie. On TV, she likes to watch Hello Kitty and High School Musical.

Cherae is a fun-loving, energetic and friendly young lady with a pleasant mood. She describes herself as friendly, creative, with a sense of humor and a nice smile. She cares about others.

She wants a family that is very active, one that will help her explore all her interests. She would like a family with lots of siblings, but her caregivers think she would do best in a home with fewer children and less commotion. She would like a two-parent family. She says she wants someone who will talk to her, have a schedule, listen, take care of her, be nice and do what they say they will do. She wants someone who will understand and care for her even when she has a bad day.

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