Meet Chasity

Born August 2010

Chasity is a very active girl. She likes to play basketball, rugby and baseball, plus she likes to do gymnastics. She likes to watch the Bengals and the Commanders on TV. She also does a really good impersonation of an elephant.

But Chasity also likes school. She likes art because she enjoys painting and making designs for her friends. She also enjoys reading. Her favorite books? The Harry Potter series. She would like to go to England someday to see where the movies were filmed.

She describes herself as athletic, smart, flexible and says she’s someone who loves chicken pot pie and horses. She likes to listen to country music, pop and K-pop. She is a big fan of card games like Skip-Bo, Uno, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Queens.

Chasity plans to be a teacher, firefighter, veterinarian and a nurse – all at the same time. She hopes for a family with a mom and a dad plus two younger siblings. She’s proud of herself for her artwork and for working through her trauma.