Meet Akira

Born March 2007

Akira is an energetic and smart girl who does well in school. Right now her favorite class is math because her teacher makes it fun! However, Akira likes to read as well, and one of her favorite series is the Dork Diaries. She also enjoys sports and likes to play basketball and do gymnastics. When watching sports on television Akira enjoys diving, track and Ninja Warriors. She also likes to watch the Cartoon Network and Disney channel. When she isn’t playing outside, Akira enjoys playing board/card games and some of her favorites are UNO, Sorry and Trouble. 

Akira describes herself as funny, nice, unique and playful. When she gets older, Akira would like to be a hairstylist, dancer or a singer. To support her and her dreams she need a stable and loving forever family. She said she would love to have a small family with pets.