Do you know someone whose license is suspended for failing to pay child support?

August is national Child Support Awareness Month. Again, Hamilton County is offering amnesty – a chance for reinstatement to anyone whose driver’s license or professional license has been suspended.

Delinquent parents who want to take advantage of an amnesty offer can have their driver’s license or professional license reinstated by paying a portion of their total child support obligation and reporting their employment so wages can be garnished. To determine if you qualify for license reinstatement, please call 946-7387.

Moira Weir, director of Hamilton County’s Job and Family Services, said amnesty is in the best interests of children.

“Establishing some sort of income for the child is the most important thing – we want to see that their basic needs are met,” she said. “Our hope is that re-engaging the parent will not only result in consistent payments, but in the re-establishment of a relationship with the child. We know when both parents are involved in their child’s life it produces positive outcomes for the child.”

All parents who participate in amnesty will sign a license-reinstatement agreement committing them to staying on track with child support payments. Again, to take advantage of amnesty, parents must call 946-7387.