Congratulations to the Springer family, bigger now by one

Wearing a bow tie and suspenders, Thomas couldn’t have been any cuter for his adoption ceremony. The 4-year-old sat between his mom and dad on the couch in the living room last week as they became yet another family to finalize their adoption virtually.

Thomas is now Thomas Kade Springer, his new middle name chosen with input from his biological siblings, Makayla, McKinley and Andrew. The Springers, Scott and Sherri, fostered Thomas through Beech Acres for more than three years before becoming his official mom and dad.

JFS worker Stacy Barton praised the Springers for doing a great job incorporating Thomas into their family. 

Thomas was a little upset that his adoption celebration – some time at Chuck E. Cheese – couldn’t happen right now. His mom did plan to get takeout pizza from there, though.