Beauty becomes her family’s fourth daughter

This is a big week for Beauty. She officially becomes part of the Sweatt family on Friday during our Adoption Day ceremonies.

Every year, Hamilton County Job and Family Services partners with Judge Ralph Winkler and Hamilton County Probate Court to host a special day where many children are joined into families. It’s the way we commemorate National Adoption Month, which is November. The ceremonies are shown live on Facebook so friends and family who can’t attend can still be part of the festivities.

This Friday, Beauty, 13, gets her turn. She will officially become a member – the fourth daughter – of the Sweatt family. Beauty found the transition of becoming part of the family easy, as she was adopted by the daughter of her former foster mother. 

“Beauty has been very clear with me that this is her family,” said her caseworker, Michele Ryan.

Her new parents are Corey and Juanita Sweatt. Beauty has three siblings named Aaliyah Seay, Mariana Seay and Adenike’. Her siblings make her feel very included in all the fun activities they do around the house, including making TikTok videos and doing each other’s hair.

As a family, about once a month, they spend a day at Urban Air or Dave & Buster’s. They also spend Thursday nights together, ordering food and having a movie marathon. The rule for that night: No cell phones allowed.

Beauty “loves them and feels that she fits in with them and is just one of their kids,” the caseworker said. “She always has a smile on her face and is positive in everything she does.”

Mrs. Sweatt describes her newest daughter as a “smart, funny, and loving young lady.”

From everyone at Hamilton Job and Family Services: We are excited for Beauty and the Sweatt family!