At 18, Breauna gets her forever family

Breauna was adopted as an infant, but returned to county custody when she was 12. She’s been in foster care ever since with Mary and Roger Dennis and their five other children.

When she turned 18 last year, She began to transition to independent living – 

Breauna, second from left, with her parents Roger and Mary Dennis, flanked by the case workers who have helped her along the way.

something she was not looking forward to. She wanted to be with her foster family.

“Just because I’ll be 18, doesn’t mean I don’t need a family to come home to.” she said. 

That’s why last Friday, a few weeks shy of her 19th birthday, she was adopted and became a permanent part of the Dennis family. It was a natural step, her parents said.

“She’s grown to be one of our children,” Roger Dennis said.