Are you resilient too? These kids need you

Being resilient generally means that you cope, you bounce back, you survive.  Unfortunately, when we’re talking about kids in foster care, “resilient” also means they’ve been through a whole lot. They are resilient because they’ve had to be.

We are always looking for new ways to bring attention to the kids in care who need families. So we decided to focus this month on some of our kids who have been through a lot, be it medical issues or lots of loss. We’re calling it Resilient Families for Resilient Kids.

First up is Omarih. He’s a cute boy who has worked hard to stand without help after a traumatic brain injury left him with no feeling on his left side. He is living in a nursing home and we’d like to find him a family. He’s not medically fragile, but he will need a family that can get him to follow-up therapies consistently.

We will post several resilient kids’ photos each week through August. We hope the right resilient person will see these photos and decide to take a chance on adopting one of these resilient kids.

They say it takes someone 10 interactions with foster care and adoption to actually start the process. Please share these posts in the hope that someone out there considering it will be prompted to take that step.