Adoption Day: The newest Knight

Our annual special Adoption Day is Friday. That’s when 14 kids will officially join eight families. We’ll live stream it so you all can watch.

All the stories are heartwarming – a grandfather adopting two, a couple adopting their niece, a mom adopting three kids at once. We’ll tell you some of these stories this week as we lead up to the big day on Friday. Here’s the first:

Meet Cameron and Jennifer Knight and their boys, Lucas and Eli. The Knights are excited to officially add Eli to their family. The boys are biological brothers. They adopted Lucas last year.

Lucas loves having Eli in his life. He can’t go to bed without giving Eli a kiss, and the first thing he does when he gets up is greet him. When the brothers play, Lucas’ priority is to make Eli laugh and have fun. 

Lucas is doing well. He has a high-energy personality and is pushing boundaries – in other words, a pretty typical 4-year-old.

The family remains in touch with the boys’ biological family.

“We didn’t just adopt Lucas,” Cameron Knight said. “We made a promise to his biological family and, in many ways, that family has adopted us.”

He and his wife were planning to try for another adoption, he said, when Eli came along.

Knight is a reporter at The Enquirer. He wrote this touching story about Lucas’ adoption.