A special day for this family – for three reasons

It’s the best photo you’ll see all day – a little boy, all dressed up, holding up his hand to high-five a judge.

The boy, Reagan James, was adopted yesterday by Dave and Traci Gregory. He’s high-fiving Probate Court Judge Ralph Winkler, who presided. May 24 is a big day for this family – it’s Traci’s birthday and now the adoption day for two of her sons. They also adopted Logan Joseph on May 24 three years ago.

You might remember reading about the Gregorys before. They hadn’t planned on more children. Their son, A.J., is in college. Dave’s a Cincinnati police homicide detective.

It was through someone at work that Dave learned about a baby needing a home. Very quickly, he and Traci decided to step up and found themselves parents of a newborn. That baby, Logan, is now 4 and learning to play lacrosse like his big brother.

In 2019, when Logan’s biological mother had another baby, the Gregorys knew they wanted to raise the boys together. They spent days visiting him in the NICU before bringing him home in October 2019.